Google said data of millions of users in danger, To delete your Google+ account do this

Google has announced plans to shut down Google+ on its social network a few days ago. The reasons for this announcement are being mentioned in the security shortcomings. According to a previous report, it is believed that 5,00,000 users of Google+ using personal data have been handed over to developers.

According to the report, the security related problems were going on for more than two years and Google did not take any concrete steps regarding this problem. The report says that the reason for not taking any concrete action about the problem was the company’s fear of invoicing by the regulator. This was disclosed with the announcement of the company’s closure of the consumer version of Google+.

After all these disclosures, the company says that it has now added better ways to secure data for users. In these ways, users will now be able to manage and secure their data better. It may be that you have ever logged into any of Google’s services (such as YouTube), which has created your Google+ account. It may also be that you have ever created a Google+ account and you have forgotten its password due to not using it for a long time.

Due to this dent in security, it is obvious that many people want to completely remove their account with Google+. In this way, we have brought you some steps that you can follow to remove your account and all data from Google+.


Delete Google+ Account

Step Number 1:

Open your Gmail account and click on your profile picture in the top right, which will open a menu. Now select the Google+ Profile option. Besides, users can open the website directly by opening the link. For this, users have to already be logged in to their browser through their Google Account.

Step number 2:

After the Google+ profile opens, open the “Settings” link in the middle of the screen between the left side. This link is just below the “Notifications” and above “Send feedback” and “Help”.

Step number 3:

Come down to the page within the account section of the “Settings” section and click on “Delete your Google+ profile”. Selecting this, Google will redirect you to a new page. Here you will be asked to authenticate your account.

Step Number 4:

Once the account is authenticized and logged in, Google will warn you about deleting the account. Here you can check all the information by clicking the drop-down menu. If you still want to delete your account, you must click on “Required: Yes, I understand that deleting the Google+ profile for USERNAME (E-mail ID) can not be undone and the data I delete can not restored” Tax has to be selected and click on the “Delete” button to delete the account. By following these steps properly, you will be able to completely delete your data completely.

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