Why 2017 are huge for smartphones

2016 saw the discharge of the many new smartphones. Despite the assembly of top quality devices, 2016 was lacking in innovation. Of course, LG arranged  down the bottom work for a standard smartphone thought, Samsung showed the potential of the attention scanner and a number of other makers splashed in folding devices, however outside of that 2016 was a lot of concerning enhancements than innovations. Obviously, 2017 are rather more made with innovations in bound areas.


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The new iPhone ought to be even a lot of innovative

You’re most likely inquisitive, what will iPhone got to do with this? whether or not we have a tendency to adore it or not, Apple is often imitated by its competitors. Recent events, like with the disposal of the mini-jack, have already unfold to golem. Another recent example is once Apple discharged the colour ‘Jet Black’, that was quickly followed by Samsung and their unharness of a ‘Black Pearl’ version.

Apple proclaimed a moment agone that they’d solely unharness a brand new iPhone each three years. Years have passed by ANd this year we must always see an iPhone with a good a lot of original style and, we hope, with new technology.


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The arrival of computer game

Google introduced its computer game (VR) platform: Daydream. it had been proclaimed once the Google I/O this year and it isn’t simply restricted to Google devices, as several alternative smartphones square measure compatible with this technology. Of course, approaching high vary smartphones ought to even be compatible with Daydream through a VR receiver (for example the Google Daydream View).

The real question here is whether or not the general public is prepared for VR. To use it, you will need to shop for a high vary smartphone (which already prices alittle fortune) that’s compatible with the technology so you will need to shop for a receiver. The result? AN expertise that creates concerning [*fr1] its users feel vile. it’s necessary to totally develop this technology and implement high definitions (at least QHD), particularly on Chinese smartphones that always have Full-HD. As VR could be a potential gold mine, it’s attainable that makers can speed up the transition proces


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Screen size

We have 2 paradoxes within the smartphone world. the primary issues their size: we would like a much bigger screen therefore we will play games and watch videos well. the most downside with this is: the larger the screen, the less sensible it’s to hold around. Lenovo, Samsung et al. square measure engaged on a folding screen system. it’ll fold in [*fr1] sort of a flap or, as has been secure by Lenovo, can wrap around your gliding joint. It’s attainable that this technology may be enforced someday within the returning year. Samsung confirmed that one in all their folding smartphones are discharged in 2017.



The second contradiction in terms issues battery size. They can’t be too huge as a result of that causes issues for style / size. That said, if they’re too tiny they don’t enable users to use the device within the manner they need (particularly for battery intensive VR sessions). The battery life downside is turning into one in all smartphone world’s priorities and, whereas many suggestions are suggests, no concrete answer has been determined nevertheless. can we discover an answer to the current downside in 2017?


What square measure you expecting from smartphones in 2017? square measure there any options you’d prefer to see enclosed in future devices? allow us to recognize within the comments below!

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