Install Local Server On Android: Web Server PHP/MyAdmin/MySQL

Install and launch Web Server PHP/MyAdmin/MySQL on your Android deviceThere are a number of other web server apps, including Bit Web and Servers Ultimate, but we chose Kick WEB server for this tutorial because it is one of the simpler options because sometimes we don’t  have our Laptop or Desktop

After installing this app, Open this application. It asks for storage permission, You need to enable this.

Then click on left sliding button and click on the globe icon in header of this app and choose browser for your local server you want.

Your local server is ready for your website on localhost.

How to Create  Database

In phpMyAdmin section , You can create database for your website. Now I show you how to create it. Open Kickweb application. Then find phpMyAdmin  icon in the right side of globe icon(under red circle).

When you click this icon , phpMy Admin open in your selected browser. All done and please be sure kickweb is running.


Here is our video tutorial for you 



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