How To Create New WordPress Website On Android Device Using KSWEB

Today we show you how to install wordpress website on android.  We have already told you in our previous article “How to install local server on your android device” .  Find Here

First of all you need to open KSWEB server on your Smartphone. Then click phpMyAdmin  icon . phpMyAdmin  open in your browser. Then type “root” in the field of username and leave password field blank.

Then phpMyAdmin panel will open. Now Create Database and set its collation whatever you want, But I choose “utf8_unicode_ci”. Click create.

Now create this data base user. Click on privileges type user name whatever you want. In next field choose “localhost” then choose password for your site database.

In Global privileges  “check all”. Then scroll down and click go.

Now you have database and its user. Then download wordpress files in your smartphone. Then go to htdocs folder in your device storage and create new folder named it whatever you need. I choose “” and after that copy your wordpress files and paste in this folder (htdocs/

Now configure your database with this website

Open folder (created in htdocs folder) scroll down and select file “wp-config-sample.php”

Open this file in text editor. I choose Es file explorer to edit this file. Open this php file and click edit.

Scroll down to MYSQL settings query find the line “define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘database_name_here’);”. Enter your database name  here (‘database_name_here’) replace this text with your database name.

Under this line find this /** MySQL database username */define(‘DB_USER’, ‘username_here’);

Put username in this field “username_here”.  Under this field find this define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password_here’); put your database password in this field ‘password_here’. Then click save.

Now we need to install wordpress on this server

Open KSWEB application and click earth icon. It will open in your browser with this url “localhost:8080”.

Now type your site folder name(created in htdocs folder) like this  “localhost:8080/”

Then create the site name in site name field create username for wordpress and choose password scroll down and click install wordpress.

All done now login your site and enjoy.

Here is our complete video tutorial

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