How to Access Your Smartphone From Desktop

Today we will show you how to access your Android phone from Pc with the help of AirDroid. Download .exe file of AirDroid in your pc then download application in your smartphone. Open the app and create your AirDroid account and login.


Click here to download desktop application AirDroid

Click here to download apk file AirDroid


Now open the app. Click on ‘My devices’ then pull refresh. Your desktop show in this section. Click on this device to connect with your pc.

Then install AirDroid software in your desktop and open the software. Login with same account in pc.  

Now both devices are successfully connected with each other. AirDroid allows you to access and manage your Android phone or tablet from Windows, Mac or the Web, wirelessly, for free. You can also use your Smartphone camera in pc.

Access your smartphone’s files.

Access your phone camera, Keyboard, Record phone screen.

I access my device camera in my pc here.

Send and receive all your messages here. 

Access your call logs and contacts.

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