How To Speed Up Your Android Device

Today we will show you how to speed up your device. First you will need to rectify the problem. To do this we have to use an app named Trepn Profiler. This will show your device actual problem.  There are 6 options by using whom you can identify the real lack of your mobile?

Trepn can likewise create application particular or framework wide profiles and contains different techniques for showing gathered information. You can spare your profiled information for disconnected review and examination and even have execution overlays on running applications. Once you’ve made sense of your particular issue, you can proceed onward to the arrangements beneath. see below how to use it

Trepn Profiler


Cleanup your Mobile & 

Delete the unwanted widgets

Go to application manager in your device check unwanted app , tap on it go to storage , click clear catche, clear data and then uninstall. (Clear Data, Clear Cache and after that perform uninstall)

Every one of those widgets you have running on your home screen might be helpful, But they effect’s the device speed. If you have any widgets running that you don’t generally require, think about removing them. There’s no damage in having some dynamic, yet you will see a component of back off on the off chance that you have an excessive number of running in the meantime, so simply be somewhat particular. See complete video below.

Stop the unwanted animations

Open the launcher you are utilizing, you may find that there are different activity’s and embellishments set up. These may look awesome, But they effects the device speed also.

Check in your launcher’s settings to check whether there is an item to disable any of these superfluous additional items, and you could acquire yourself a speed support.

Close background apps

Tap on back button & Click close all. All done

Device Restart

A brisk and basic fix for an ease back gadget is to just restart it. This can get out the store, prevent pointless errands from running, and get things running easily once more.

Simply hold down the power catch, select the Restart alternative, and after that tap OK to affirm.

Developer Mode

This is the best way to speed up your device but be careful while using it. Open about device & Click build number for 10 times and activate developer mode. Then go to developer options and change Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, Animator during scale.

Only increase these three animation scales




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