IFTTT Best Application For Every Android User

IF THIS THEN THAT (We Recommend This Application For Everyone)

It gives most popular applications on its home screen. You can either search for a app and just tap on all service button bellow.  These app includes more than 300 services that you can use for your applications.
These services includes Instagram, Facebook , Twitter, Google Assistant and other stuffs. Just tap on the service you want select a function and turn it on and give all the mandatory permission to the app.

Custom services

Just click on my applets, the ‘+’ icon on the top then select the trigger you need. Now select the action service and select the action you want. Tap the finish button. Now your custom service is activated.

Automation service

Work services: 

This app can automatically turn your phone on silent mode when you working and also turn on the wifi. In this part of the services search for location and select trigger “enter an area” next click connect. Then click edit location and select the location of your work, now click on the blue tick mark  on the top right corner for save the changes. In this section search for the android phone and click on wifi turn on then click finish.

Now turn back and repeat all the mentioned steps earlier again. But this time search for the android phone and click on ringtone volume and change the volume to 0%, click finish.

In future whenever you entered that area your phone would switch over to the 0% and wifi would be turned on  automatically.

These are the settings for  “you enter an area ” now  we use “you exit an area” trigger

 The steps are pretty much the same but this time select  “you exit an area trigger” Select your office exit location. Then search android phone and turn off the wifi now change the volume to 100% click finish.


Home services : 

Most of us keep our wifi turned on and our phone sound to maximum. This time you already know what to do. In selection action service section select your home location and search for android phone then set the ringtone volume maximum.


Messaging services :

Most of us misplacing our phone at home and we give it a ring with other phone to find it. But is doesn’t ring because of silent mode. But now With IFTTT you can just text your phone type “unmute” and send. It will be automatically on ringing mode.

In applet maker in select trigger service search for android sms and click on “New sms received matches search”  You can right any keyword that you want to text your phone just type unmute and click button on top right corner . Then go back and search for android phone then tap on set ringtone volume and change the volume to 100% and then hit the finish button(turn on receive notifications when this applet runs).

Now whenever you receive an sms unmute, your phone will automatically be unmuted.

You can also send a help message to your loved ones with your current location.” I recommend this service to all Smartphone users.”

In My Applets click  + button . In applet maker under select trigger service click on button widget then select button press. Then search for android sms and tap on send an sms . Now enter the phone number of your loved one then type the message you want to send. Next press ingredients button to get your current location and select ”Location map url” click finish.

Now back on your Smartphone home screen long press on screen then tap widgets. Now bring an IFTTT icon on your home screen and click it now select the service send and sms. Whenever you tap on this button an help message will be send to your loved one.

Watch tutorial step by step

That’s all for now. I will write more about this app in my next article



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