IFTTT Hacks For Social Media

If you want a personal assistant in your life then use the IFTTT. IFTTT Automates almost all your daily work related to your smart phone . There are thousands of such functions that you can use in your daily life.

Today I’m going to tell you about the top 5 social media hacks. Basically How IF THIS THEN THAT works is connect services from 2 different applications and connects them together. So one action from one service triggers and actions from another service and these are called the recipes.

Automatically Post your Instagram photos as Twitter photos

The first recipe I am gona tell you about is taking your Instagram photos in automatically posting them as Twitter photos on Twitter. So you may know that twitter does not allow you to post your actual photo your Instagram photo on the platform. It just show up as a link. SO IFTTT takes your Instagram photos and if you share it on twitter through the Instagram platform . It will share on twitter as your actual picture. Which makes a huge difference and makes your content send out. It just makes your life a lot easier. So you don’t have to go to twitter and reupload the photo


Save screenshots to a separate iOS album

Whenever you take any screen shot or photo related to work related to home party, it automatically separates them into completely separate album in your android or iphone and you can easily find those photos.


Post your Tweets to Facebook when you use a specific hashtag

Post your Tweets to Facebook when you use a specific hashtag. Choose a hashtag below. When you Tweet with it, your Tweet will automatically be shared on Facebook and the hashtag will be stripped out.  Open the page then turn on. Then IFTTT asks permission to access Twitter and Facebook, Click ok and authorize IFTTT to use your account.

This application will be able to:

  1. Read Tweets from your timeline.
  2. See who you follow, and follow new people.
  3. Update your profile.
  4. Post Tweets for you.
  5. Access your direct messages.

Will not be able to:

  1. See your email address.
  2. See your Twitter password.

#Vimeo Watch later adds a #calendar reminder at the evening

Vimeo is a great source for watching videos. Add a you Vimeo video to your watch later list on your Vimeo account and whenever you want to watch that video, you can set its reminder on your phone with the help of IFTTT, when you need to watch the video. Search for vimeo and give permission to access vimeo and Google calendar. 


Scheduling posts of Face book within Google calendar

Well this feature is super time saving. You can use this recipe with your Google calendar and you can put your post into Google calendar then use a specific #hashtag in that #hashtag signals then that post needs be schedule to your facebook account.  Search for Google calendar click turn on then give permission to access

So instead of doing everything one by one on your facebook fan page you can use this google calendar feature.

You can also use it to post automatically congratulate your LinkedIn Contact for getting job and achieve anything instead of actually having to do it.

It works the same way for Facebook too. Can send Happy Birthday message to your Facebook friend by your side.

The list of its features is very big. So there are so many features in IF THIS THEN THAT APP.

We think that the things we told you about it will definitely prompt you to download it.

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