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Greenify Your Phone’s Battery life Saver


These days it’s a common thing for your android smart phone to end the battery early. Smartphones are becoming more smart today quad core processors, 64gb memory, 4gb ram, Higher resolution. But if nothing has changed in all these things, then the Android phone’s battery.

So today we have brought for you an application that will enhance your phone’s battery life. It’s called Greenify, It is very simple to use. It has only three buttons On top right + button , options and sleep button.  


Let’s start. You have to press plus button and it shows the app in three different sections, One is the running in the background and second is the app that might slowdown your smartphone and third more app section. To put an app in the hibernation is pretty simple all you have to do, Select the app you want to put in sleep mode.

For example, I want to put the weather app in sleep mode. So I’ll select it and press the sleep button and this app now put into hibernation. So this is going to save your ton of battery life. Because many apps run in our phone’s background, which we do not know. So this is the main reason for your smartphone battery drains very fast . So this app puts all your unwanted app into hibernation and thus save your ton of battery life. But you need to be careful about one thing, Do not put the app that use quite regularly into hibernation. Because the only way an app is going to come out of hibernation is if you open the app manually. So be sure to select the app which you want to put in hibernation which you don’t use quite often. This application is available for both rooted and unrooted device. But with rooted device you get a lot more features.

There is also an auto hibernation option which you can for rooted phone you can just select the option button. What this does is it will put the idle apps into hibernation automatically.


For non rooted phones this is in the” Experimental features”. So when you open this there is a option called auto hibernation. So you just selected and this will put your idle app in hibernation running in the background automatically.

This application has magnified the battery life of my phone. I have been using it for a long time. Earlier, these applications only came for Rooted Phones. But now you can use it in non-rooted phones too. You can also create the hibernate shortcut all you have to do is go to options and click create hibernate shortcut then choose an action “Hibernate +Sleep, Hibernate now” so shortcut has been created on your phone home screen. If any app is running in your phone’s background, you just have to click it once.

This will automatically put those apps in the hibernate mode. What a great feature.  I will highly recommend this app for all android phone users

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