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Hello viewers, today we gonna show you a security app “Lastpass”. Actually it’s a password manger app. For us it’s quite essential. It stores all your passwords in a secure vault and allows you to login to your favourite web sites and online accounts quickly and without having to remember your login details.

It remembers all your sites password, you have a very secure, very strong passwords. You have a different  password for every website. This is the safest way to operate the website.

Using Lastpass on your Smartphone and tablet, you can save your time, energy and ensure you always have the information you need on your fingertips. The Lastpass mobile app allows you to add and delete your password in secure notes as well as use your logins within your phone and tablet browsers.

So lets download the app. After download tap on app icon, on the first screen enter your username and password for your Lastpass account. (Please note when you create a master password, keep it in mind. If you forget your master password then you don’t have recovery method. Because your master password is not saved in their database)It’s free and if you have a new user, you also get premium access for 30 days. Once you login, you see your sites pages. There are three buttons in it. One is search, another menu and one +.  When you click on plus you will see three options. Add Form Fill Profile, Add Secure Note, Add site.

And when you click on the menu, you get all the options like Sites, Secure notes, Form fill Profiles, Browser, Generate Password, Manage shared folders, Emergency access.

Simply click on add site button and fill the required information then check the box “autologin” click save And your vault will be created. Then click on a site and click launch. Your site will open in the Lastpass browser.

To login to any of your saved website within a browser simply tap the site name in your sites section then select launch. Your site will launch in a new tab with Lastpass browser and your login information will be completed for you. If you only want to view your login details in order to login through another app, you can tap the name and either select copy username, copy password to copy this information to your clipboard and you can select “show password” to just view the password. You can also select view to view your all login details. This includes your username, site url, password, just tap on eye icon to view your password.

To edit the login details of any site. Just click on the site and select edit. You can adjust any of your login information with this option.


Form Fill Option

If you want to auto-fill the payment cards and address profile form on any site, you can use form filing profiles. If you click this, lastpass will ask you to create profile then fill in the necessary information. You can use this form fill profile for any website where you want to enter your personal information. This will save both your time and energy. All you need to do is go to LastPass and open the website then click form fill profiles, Lastpass will ask you to select the profile you like to use for the form then tap the profile you prefer then click fill. LastPass will automatically fill out the form for you.

Guys, what a nice feature is this, that’s all for now. Hope you will be happy with the information given by us and will definitely download this app.



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