Device Review : Samsung Galaxy S8

Hello everyone, Today we are again presenting something new for you about android.

Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with 5.8 inch display. Which is a great thing for big screen seekers? The metal frame makes this a very beautiful device. Fingerprint magnet provided behind it. Because of its body it is very good to hold. Thanks to its bazel less display, the phone is very compact.

Let’s talk about its display

Its 5.8-inch QHD plus display 18.5:9 Aspect Ratio, Makes it stunning. It sharp, vibrant and one of the best display  compared to others. The display has to new 18.5:9 aspect ratio. Many popular applications like pocket, paytm etc, don’t scale up to use this aspect ratio and have black bar on the top and bottom. But this phone offers  button to scale these apps to use the full display. When you play 16:9 video’s on this device, It also lets them play in full screen.

Let’s talk about its camera

Captured by S8

Samsung G s8 comes with stunning 12 MP rear camera and 8 MP front facing camera. They are both great camera’s compared to others high MP camera’s. Its rear camera captures some awesome photos both in day times and low light. Its camera processing does over saturate things and the flash is very harsh. Galaxy s8 camera captures video with rich colors, great details And everything around the video looks clean. Its front camera provides great selfie with autofocus  feature. It provides great photos but not more sharp and dynamic range.

Let’s talk about its Processor  and Ram

Galaxy s8 packed with Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895 processor and 4GB Ram. Because of which its performance is very good. you can easily multitasking due to its 4GB Ram. we have the Exynos processor  and because of that, it becomes a fast device. when it comes to benchmarks, the s8 tops the list with its  multicore performance.

Let’s talk about its graphics

Its mali gpu has to push out QHD Plus Pixels. which is great for high graphics games. The device never over heats. So don’t worry about the heating problem. It does get warm but its very normal warm. It’s get rid of the hardware home buttons instead of this it has cool new on screen buttons. Home and back buttons are given on its screen, which is a plus point. You can use the pressure on the home button to wake up the device or go to the home screen directly while using a full screen app. Even when the home button is not showing up overall a nice touch provided by Samsung.

Let’s talk about its features

Its home screen is clean and inspired by the pixel launcher. There are lots of options and features in this device.

Always On Display feature : The Always On Display feature is best feature of this phone. When your device display is off. It isn’t really off. If you have any message in your phone or you are listening to a song or if you have to check a date or time then you do not need to turn on your phone’s full display. You can check on the screen only.

Edge Panel : This feature is use for to launch any app that you want, Caller contact number and either to create any shortcut.

Edge screen : When you receive a new notification blue light up on its edge screen.

There are lots of customization options in galaxy s8. Themes and features like Samsung cloud, Samsung pass, Samsung pay etc.


Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with great speakers. It’s pretty descent. Its louder than the other devices and brings descent clarity.  However it does sound one direction because there is only one speaker. It comes with premium AKG handsfree. It’s sound quality is great. It’s sound is much better than the others.

Face reorganization and Iris scanner

In S8 there is iris scanning for tight security, face recognition for quickly unlock your phone, and defense-grade security that stands guard around the clock.

Drawback of this phone :

The shortage that we have seen in this phone is that the finger print sensor of this phone is provided with the camera whenever you use it, then your hand must be on your camera lens. Its fingerprint scanner takes a little time to unlock because its size is small

The second drawback is Bixby :

You must be wondering is Bixby worth a dedicated button well no. There is no voice feature in it. Like Google Now it has News, Weather, Reminders are all on the home screen. So this feature does not look completely unique from Google Now. There is also a search option by capturing things with the help of the camera. But this feature is not anything special

Today we gave you a review about Samsung Galaxy S8.

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