Foursquare Swarm Application : Review

From last few years, Foursquare had users hooked on grouping coins, claiming mayorships, and chasing friends on arrival leaderboards. Somewhere on the road, this craze died down and alternative styles of social media, adore Instagram and Snapchat, picked up the slack. Now, when a colossal design and rebranding effort, Swarm is back, however do not confuse it with Foursquare’s current search-centric town Guide app. Swarm includes a new specialise in life work and additional efficient options, tho’ it (thankfully) keeps a similar bright and welcoming orange combination. Swarm is accessible for iOS app and as an android App, that is what i am reviewing here.

If you used Swarm within the past and set it wasn’t your vogue, you ought to contemplate making an attempt it out once more, since much has modified. a brand new timeline and map provide an intuitive way to come back all the places you have checked in. The orange highlights ar as outstanding and crowd pleasing as ever, however the app uses them in additional constructive ways that. Social and gamification (coins, leaderboards, and mayorships) aspects have even been scaled down, clipping on distractions.

The latest design of Swarm brings it a a lot of refined aesthetic. the colourful orange color would possibly still be jarring initially, however it’s choppy with ample white house. I tested Swarm on my Google pixel and located the app responsive and fluid in use. Account setup is fairly typical. You either produce a profile with Swarm or use an existing Google account. a fast walkthrough of the most options follows before you reach the most interface. Note that the iOS variant is sort of a dead ringer for the humanoid version, except that it uses Apple Maps in situ of Google Maps.

The main read currently shows a map of your current location, a count of the check-ins and places you have been, and also the range of classes of places you have visited. I would like that this map looked less generic, because it feels a small amount out of step with the remainder of the app’s style. beneath the map, there is a new timeline interface with endless list of all of your check-ins in reverse written account order. This timeline includes all of your check-ins, thus if you wished to scroll back to your terribly initial one, there is nothing stopping you. sound on anybody of those check-ins brings up the arrival Insights page, that shows any associated photos and comments and a breakdown of earned coins. i favor the new layout and realize the timeline perceptive, though it will underscore the monotony of my weekday commutes.

Back on the most page, the bottom bar features a large arrival button within the middle, with icons for your timeline and friends list on either facet, although swiping to switch between the 2 additionally works. very like your personal timeline, your friend’s timelines scroll back as so much as their initial arrival. you do not have to be compelled to worry regarding individuals charting out your day, though, since there ar ample privacy settings to limit what your friends or the general public will see on your profile.

Swarm use

Swarm’s purpose has been simplified once a year-long user effort by the Swarm team, and it currently primarily focuses on personal life work. It’s designed to spotlight habits and trends supported the places you visit and also the forms of activities you frequent. Most of the gamification options, as well as mayorships and coins, are moved to the background, tho’ they still perform an equivalent method as before. Still, I want that the app used Foursquare ratings to advocate places to go to, supported a mix of your location and trends. In fact, Swarm does not extremely have any discovery options in the least, that is an unfortunate omission. Yelp, as an example, additionally has arrival options, however integrates them a lot of utterly into its primary business-rating practicality.


Connect with your friends

You’ll need a Foursquare account to use Swarm, and if you have already got the Foursquare app put in, Swarm can sign you in once you initial open it. Otherwise, you’ll check in for a replacement account using Facebook, Google+, or an email address and arcanum.

Swarm is all regarding serving to you link up with friends, except for the app to figure, you’ll have to envision in and share your location together with your friends. There ar 2 ways that to try and do this. you’ll either have the app always track your approximate location, otherwise you will flip that feature off and manually share your specific location when you register to a replacement place. i like to recommend keeping the placement sharing on as a result of it helps the app higher tell you wherever your friends ar. to show it on, swipe right your profile image on the most page. The banner behind your image can flip orange, material possession you recognize that you are currently sharing your general location.

Just like in Foursquare, you’ll analyze locations with Swarm. you’ll additionally use stickers to precise your mood.

Whether location sharing is on or off, you’ll perpetually tap the map pin icon on the proper to ascertain into a particular Foursquare location. The app can guess wherever you would like to ascertain in supported your location, however you’ll tap the “Change location” button to select a distinct spot. just like the Foursquare app, you’ll add a photograph and write a note regarding the arrival. The arrival method is therefore quick and swish, I really like using it in Swarm over opening up the first Foursquare app.

If you are involved regarding privacy once it involves sharing your location, understand this: The app solely tells your friends what neighborhood you are in, unless you sign up. for example, once i am at the offices in any district, the app says i am within the close monetary District neighborhood unless I manually analyze the workplace or another location. Additionally bear in mind that solely your Foursquare friends will see your location info, and you’ve got to manually friend individuals within the app.

Swarm is all regarding serving to you link up with friends, and it will that during a few ways in which. First, the most screen of the app shows however shut (or so much away) your friends are to you, in order that if you are looking for one thing to try to to, you’ll see what others do and check out to satisfy up.

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Foursquare Swarm

Foursquare Swarm




  • Swarm sifts out the muddle of Foursquare therefore you'll be able to quickly see wherever your friends are and create plans. The app conjointly features a quizzical, colourful style that is fun to use.


  • You'll eventually got to download each the Swarm and Foursquare apps if you wish to find places to travel and additionally keep tabs on your friend's activities

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