Review: Doodle Android App

Doodle is a editor choice productivity app. you utilize it to schedule get-togethers by making a poll of potential dates and times and sending it around to everybody you wish to ask. They respond, and you get to visualize the time and date that works for the most individuals, without resorting to endless emails or texts. It takes the total of choosing a time to fulfill. Doodle started as an online app, however it’s currently also accessible as a mobile app for android and iOS. The expertise translates well to the mobile platform. optional notifications create it simple to remain on prime of all of your conferences. This efficient answer to a typical drawback makes Doodle for automaton an Editors’ selection.

How to use

The Doodle android app is as simple to use as the Doodle web site. you’ll produce a brand new poll by following a series of prompts. you’ll employ an recent poll, either as a model for a brand new event or for a revenant event. you’ll additionally build a selection on polls to that you’ve got been invited to participate.

Participants don’t would like a Doodle account to reply. The app has inbuilt sharing tools to send a link to the poll via WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Google Hangouts, and different apps. you also have the option to repeat the link to the poll and paste it into the communication medium of your choice.

The app also permits you to see the results of your polls. the choices that received the foremost votes have a touch star hooked up to them, creating it simple to identify the dates and times that job best for many individuals. A commenting feature allows you to add notes or see comments that your participants have left on your poll.

When you add a location to a call for participation for a get-together, the Doodle android app provides you the choice of promise the spot using GPS. The app additionally helpfully suggests normally used locations, a number of which are not on any map, similar to “Skype” or “phone.”

Notification settings allow you to urge alerts in real time once somebody responds to a poll, once somebody adds a comment, or once there is different activity. These settings are accessible for every poll, therefore you’ll be able to leave them off after you don’t need them.

There are different settings you’ll be able to apply to every poll, too. Checking the yes, No, If want Be choice provides participants the power to reply with one thing on the other hand a clear-cut yes or no. Another setting restricts participants to picking only 1 date and time. yet one more permits you, the poll creator, to limit what number individuals will respond. Say you had 5 tickets to an occurrence for anybody of 3 days. you’ll invite over 5 individuals to answer your poll on a first-come, first-served basis. The poll would shut as shortly as 5 individuals replied.

When you do not choose any special choices, a poll closes whenever you select. In closing a poll, the app prompts you to decide on a final date and time. Again, the choices square measure displayed clearly, with the quantity of yes votes tallied right aboard the choice. once you agree on a date and time, Doodle offers to feature it to your calendar (Google Calendar, iCloud, Microsoft office 365/, Outlook, ICS feed) likewise.

Having used Doodle for several years to schedule calls, typically among individuals spread out everywhere the globe, I do have one suggestion for improvement. i would prefer to be ready to read over just the once zone directly whereas planning. you can change the time zone of a poll simply, that is helpful if you’re attempting to set up events that may occur in a very time zone on the other hand the one during which you’re doing all of your coming up with. however it’s still rough to recommend times after you cannot see a matrix of your time zone conversions ahead of you.

Doodle Rates

Doodle may be a free tool. The app is free to transfer, and there is no charge to use the service. If you upgrade to a personal or Business account, however, you get further perks.

The free account provides you all the fundamentals you would like to schedule a gathering with a gaggle of individuals. you’ll produce polls, invite others to participate in them, edit them, see the results, then forth. There are not any limits on what number polls you’ll produce, nor are any major options missing. you’ll even connect your personal calendar to Doodle free, that permits you to envision after you have conflicts whereas scheduling. You will, however, see ads with a free account.

The $39 each year personal account removes ads and throws during a few bonuses, such as the power to see that invitees haven’t yet answered your poll and to automatically prompt them to reply. personal users get end-to-end SSL encoding, too.

Business accounts are designed for groups, and that they begin at $69 per year for one person. As a team, you’ll likely have a couple of folks on board, however. Larger groups pay less per seat: A five-person account runs $169 per year, parenthetically. Business accounts embrace everything that is within the personal account, and custom domains and styles if you wish them, further as user-management options.






  • Very easy to use
  • Ease of use and functionability, easy layout
  • Easy to create polls/schedules -Easy to require polls -Personalized Dashboard makes keeping track of varied polls easy
  • Free application which may be quickly setup and shared to anyone freelance of their company systems and saves endless emails.


  • Not much
  • As of these days, nothing noted however !
  • Some individuals report that these emails will get caught in their spam filters. this will be a significant pain.
  • Premium version pretty extra would really like to check easier way to share other than simply the link

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