Google’s April Security Security Bulletin Warns 9 Critical Bugs

Nine vulnerabilities rated vital were patched as a part of Google’s android Security Bulletin for Apr.

Critical vulnerabilities ranged from 2 remote code execution vulnerabilities tied to the android media framework, to a Qualcomm Wi-Fi part flaw that allowed a close-by attacker to use “a specially crafted file to execute arbitrary code among the context of a privileged method.”

Google said firmware updates are out there and can be delivered via over-the-air (OTA) updates to Google pixel and Nexus devices. Updates to alternative android devices are going to be sent via various OEM device manufacturers and wireless carriers, wherever applicable. Maybe, Samsung Mobile declared a maintenance release for its “major flagship models” that included eight Samsung patches being delivered OTA.

In all, Google’s Apr security update includes twenty eight fixes; 9 rated vital and nineteen rated high. Seven of the vital vulnerabilities were tied to the android OS directly. Every Qualcomm and Broadcom part maker fixed a vital bug.

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