Google is updating Android’s pistol emoji into a water pistol

A few years past, Apple was the primary massive emoji designer to prevent rendering the “pistol” emoji as a real gun. It went from a revolver to a green water gun, and different firms have simply started returning around. Twitter and Samsung already created the modification, and currently it’s Google’s turn. Say bye-bye to the revolver and hello to the super soaker.

Google has updated its Noto Color Emoji repository on GitHub with the new emoji. That indicates that android P can feature the redesigned pistol emoji. It’s orange with a large yellow water reservoir on the highest. So, it is a super soaker, that is even additional toy-like than the opposite water gun alternatives we have seen. you’ll be able to see below however the Google pistol emoji has modified over the years—my personal favorite was 2013. terribly capricious.

It looks inevitable looking back.

While vendors might have baulked at Apple’s overnight redesign of the 🔫 Pistol emoji in 2016; the tide has turned and now many won’t want to be left on the opposite side of the fence.

In a move presumably supposed by Google to minimize cross-platform confusion, this currently makes the water gun / water pistol  the defacto style for the gun emoji.

Speaking on Emoji Wrap in 2016, Google product manager Agustin Fonts was cautious regarding dynamical the android gun emoji to match Apple’s new fluorescent green style, noting that they “want to be as compatible with different systems as possible”.

It’s currently 2018 and therefore the landscape has modified. WhatsApp discharged their own emoji font for android that takes several cues from Apple, as well as a squirt gun in place of a gun.

Samsung also switched out the gun for a brand new toy gun in its 2018 software release that comes on the new Galaxy S9.

Twitter, too, has jumped on board, with the most recent release of its Twemoji set switch to the same green water gun earlier this month.



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