Google Keep Android App: Review

In this tutorial we talk about new google tool. It’s called Google Keep for android. I find Google keep to be a great way to do things like planning’s, to do things like creating checkout list or grocery list  and many more.

Lets talk about how it works. When you open it , It shows a welcome screen “What’s new in Google Keep”. Basically we use Google Keep to create Notes and Reminders. For Notes you simply click on “take a note  bar” and start typing.

Google keep is an application where you can create notes.


There are five ways in google keep to create a note.


The first is the quick  note feature. This is helpful for making note of certain parts or may be a unknown term. Once you are type your note simply click done. And this will add to your post wall.








The second is standard note taking. There you can enter as much text you want. There is an Unlimited character Limit. You can also change the background color of your post by clicking on the color palette at the top right bar and choosing any color you want.

The third type of note is the list note. Here you can create different types of category notes. This is helpful for students to make a checklist of their homework or grocery list. Once you clicked on checked. This will go to the checked list. You can also view your list from main page of Google Keep instead of clicking on the note itself.

The fourth type of note is the voice note. Voice note is helpful for those people, who do not want to type. When you say anything in it, the audio can be automatically saved and we can listen to it later.

The fifth type of note is the picture note. Once you clicked on the camera take a photo. You can take pictures of anyone you want. This is great if you want to visualate or want to remember what you saw. You can also add text to your picture


You can arrange your notes in a variety of different range. Simply drag it to whatever you want located. Your notes can appear in multi column view or in a single column view. You can also delete notes.


What I loved about it, It’s interaction with google drive. That’s all for now. I hope you like it.



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