Microsoft’s Android and iOS Build Apps are getting updated for this year’s conference

Microsoft is ready to close its build 2018 conference in Seattle next week, which means that it is time for the present to start planning their day for the present. And if you move an Android or iOS device, now you can do this with your phone.


Microsoft today updated its official build apps for Android and iOS for the 2018 conference (via Neoine). As with the previous year’s version, the updated app allows you to view a list of sessions and speakers, make your schedule, check site maps and see important information about the event.


For Windows users, the app is available on Microsoft Store, but it still includes Build 2017 schedule and information. It is likely that an update will appear before the conference begins, but when no one is saying it.


In any case, you can choose build 2018 app for both Android and iOS from Google Play and App Store, respectively. Keep in mind that accessing the app requires signing in with the account you used to sign up for Build 2018.

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