Andrew P has stopped all applications to track your network activity

In the future, it seems that Android apps will no longer be able to detect that other apps on your device are connecting to the Internet.


Android P


It is time that Google catches this wrong privacy defect. Whenever you’re connected to a competing app, or maybe worse, any app can monitor your network activity without your knowledge.


XDA Developers first saw new changes coming in Android’s SNLX rules for apps targeting the API level 28 running on Android P


According to the code, SELinux enables only the named VPN application to access some networking information. As XDA developers point out, the Android app will not have to target API level 28 until 2019 – which means that the blame can still be accessed for some time.


We look for a change in the next release of the Android open source project. It is expected that before the future release of Android P, Google will jump and patches

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