Stream Games Now On Mobile

Stream is bringing a new app link for Android and iPhone, which allows users to stream from the internet to their Mac or PC on their smartphones. The app has been scheduled to launch at the end of the month during the week of May 21, in which beta was launched on Android support.

No LTE streaming (yes)

There are some warnings – you will need to connect your phone to your PC via a 5 gbz Wi-Fi network or wired ethernet connection, so when you’re out, you are not able to stream a Duty Call on your phone and LTE Will be For controllers, Stream says that you will be able to use Stream Controller, MFI-compatible iOS controllers and more, though the company has not made the entire list clear what works and will not work. (Will you be able to use touch control? Bluetooth keyboard? A PS4 controller?)

Stream has introduced Stream Link as a service for some time with the support of Stream link set-top box and Samsung’s smart TV, but this announcement is for the first time that it jumps on mobile with a Stream-manufactured product Will go.

Additionally, Stream is planning to launch Stream Video App for iOS and Android to stream the variety of movies and shows on Stream after this summer. Users will also be able to download offline videos for later viewing similar to other services like Netflix or YouTube Red


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