Make your payments with Google Pay

Today’s customers want to work faster than ever, even if they are shopping for a new pair of groceries or shoes. With Google Pay, we want to make sure that checkout does not slow them down (or your conversions), while increasing the customer experience at every step of the way.

They announced some exciting new features that do this. They’ve also shared the latest ways that developers can use Google Pay to provide the best experience at checkout, and all are available for free with our APIs. Here are some key features and how you can make most of them.

They started supporting support to check with Google Pay, despite your browser or device. This means that customers can make payments with Google Pay on most major browsers from any device.

Enabling this functionality within your apps and sites is easy. View Google’s software engineers, integrate a website live on the Tony Chain platform, then try it yourself using your developer documents.

But making your checkout easy for your customers does not just apply to those payments. Chrome Autofill helps customers fill out forms automatically, so that they can speed through the entire checkout process by typing without tampering. To make sure that your buyers are getting the fastest checkout experience with Chrome Autofill, we suggest you look at our guide to our best practices.

We will make it easy for customers to manage their payment methods on Google Pay by adding this functionality to their iOS and desktop experiences. The new functionality will allow people to add cards and watch transactions whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them, to give you access to a new group of customers who use Google Pay within your apps and sites Will be able to. It also means that customers who add cards to laptops can use those cards with Google Pay on iOS device.

Mobile tickets and passes with the Google Pay API for Passes

To stop our newly launched support for the prepaid transit pass, we are now supporting a new way for passage to save and manage pass through our Google Pay API. This lets you create mobile event tickets and boarding passes that your customers can save in the Google Play Android app. We have piloted this facility with Southwest, Fort GB and Ticketmaster, and more affiliates are coming soon. Want to go on board? Sign up for more information.


Actions on Google allow developers to add billions of users to Google supporters and develop actions on Arab search, Android and other surfaces and combine them with our growing intent list. One of our sessions shows you how you can enable Google Pay in your actions so that your customers can shop with their assistant on multiple surfaces, including mobile devices, Google Home and soon smart displays. Transactions are now available in Australia, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom. (We will bring them to Brazil, India, Italy and Spain soon.)

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