2018’s Best User Choice Game in the Google Play Store PUBG Mobile

The popularity of PUBG Mobile is not taking the name. Recently the game overtook Fortnite in revenues, and the company has successfully finished its first international tournament PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018. Now this game has given another title to its name.

PUBG Mobile is top of the Best Game of 2018 competition running on Google Play. With this win, this game has become the best game of 2018 on the Google Play Store. According to the announcement, PUBG mobile is playing ‘Fan Favorite’ this year.

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Apart from this, the game has also earned the title of the game Best Game of the Year by Google Play. Conquering all these titles in this game proves that this game is considered not only in India but also as one of the most favorite games in the world. Although this game does not collide with Fortnite straightforward, the reason is that Fortnite is not present on the Google Play Store.

The developers of Fortnite have put this game in their official website instead of the Google Play Store.

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