More than 75 percent of pixel users are on Android pi

The adoption of new versions of Android may be slow, but there is one area where Google (insecure) is doing great: Google Pixel Google’s hardware chief, Rick Osterloh, revealed that he has already updated more than 75 percent of users in Android pie.

It has been reported on Apple’s high heel that iOS 12 – its latest operating system – reached the 50 percent of iOS users last week. If you compare recent iOS devices over the last four years (which is only a few years old, a bit obvious), there is only 53 percent adoption rate in the apple, which is still much less than the number of pixels is. It talks with the big benefits that Google can bring to the device when it fully controls the hardware and software experience like Apple.

Of course, the room has a huge, relevant elephant: pixel shows a small piece of overall Android market. Last year, Google had sold only 3.9 million pixels, or less than the average number of iPhones Apple sold in a week.

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