Android 10 launched: Some Things You Need To Know About It

Google has officially launched Android 10 after a month-long wait before the company’s next-generation mobile operating system expired in August. Google has started rolling out Android 10 on Pixel smartphones, including all eight Pixel phones – Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL – And the company said that updates would start receiving smartphones from other manufacturers later in the year.

Apart from the Pixel smartphones, the Android 10 update is also available on smartphones required by Android maker Andy Rubin. The update, according to Essential’s Twitter page, is only available to open market customers.

As far as features are concerned, Android 10 is loaded with functionality. While some smart replies are intended to make it easier for users to respond to messages, such as focus mode aims to help users disconnect from apps that distract them from time to time.

If you are an Android smartphone user and want to know what Google stores for you with Android 10, here are 10 things that will help you decode Google’s most recent mobile operating system.

1. Dark Theme: Android 10 finally brings a dark theme to Android’s ecosystem. According to Google, it uses True Black to extend the battery life of the smartphone. The interesting thing about Dark Theme is that users can choose to apply it on a system-wide basis to the apps they like.

2. Live Caption: It automatically captures videos, audio messages and podcasts in the app. It also captions media files that users record. This feature will be available in Pixel smartphones this fall.

3. Smart Replying: Apart from suggesting responses to messages received in various apps, this feature also advises users to take action based on the messages they receive. So when a friend sends a message to a user with an address or YouTube video, they can open and navigate the same in Google Maps or open the video in YouTube without copying the URL.

4. Sound Amplifier: This feature essentially allows users to adjust their smartphone’s sound settings even in noisy surroundings. According to the Android website, to get the best listening experience, users can fix their smartphone’s sound, filter background noise and audio.

5. Gesture Navigation: This feature increases fluidity in using Android OS. Users can go backwards and forwards, switch between apps, go home using simple and smooth gestures.

6. Privacy Control: Android 10 is loaded with privacy features. For starters, users can get all their privacy settings such as web and app activity and ad settings in one place. Also, the users have to decide that all the data is being stored by the apps and for how long the data is being stored. Users will have the option to opt-in if the ad is retrieved and for personalization.

7. Location Control: Now, Android smartphone users will have the ability to choose when to share their location data with the app. They can choose from three options – always, anytime or when the app is in use. In addition, Google will remind users about apps they are not actively using, but are using their location data to decide if they want to continue sharing their data.

According to Telco Rogers Corobets of Canada, Android 10 release date will be Tuesday

8. Security Updates: Smartphone manufacturers take several weeks, if not months, to roll out Android updates in smartphones. It is sometimes vulnerable to critical defects. Google aims for Android 10. “With the Google Play system update, important security and privacy fixes can now be sent directly from Google Play to your phone, as soon as all your other apps are updated. So these improvements will soon get you Will be available. Possible. As they are available, “says the Android website.

9. Focus Mode: Google has enhanced its commitment to digital goodness with Android 10. The newly launched mobile OS comes with a new focus mode that allows users to select and silence apps that distract them until they exit this mode. However, users must sign up as a beta tester to use this mode.

10. Family Link: Family Link is now a part of all devices running on Android 9 or 10 .. Parents use these devices for daily screen time limits, devices at bedtime, time limits on specific applications and for their children and To set more can. They can also review apps that children install on their devices and see their use.


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