Android 7.1.1 Released – new elements clarified

Today, Google discharged another minor variant of Android: 7.1.1 Nougat. The new discharge implies diverse things to various Google gadgets. The Pixel and Pixel XL move from Android 7.1 to 7.1.1, bringing the December security redesign and some bugfixes. It’s a greater arrangement for Nexus gadgets, in any case, as the overhaul denote the move from Android 7.0 to 7.1.1 and the end of the “Android 7.1 Developer Preview” for Nexus gadgets.

Android 7.1 solely propelled on Google’s new leader gadget, the Google Pixel, in October. Nexus gadgets—a brand which Google is by all accounts finished with—were rather consigned to an “engineer see” arrival of Android 7.1 (alongside the Pixel C), which closes with this upgrade. Android 7.1 was created close by the Pixel gadgets, and Google made many elements restrictive to the Pixel line. For example, Nexus gadgets still won’t get the Google Assistant, new route bar, or the Pixel Launcher, yet they ought to see better touch input inertness, a F.lux-style “Night Light,” and new emojis.

Overhaul: Nevermind on the night mode. Google said “Night Light” would be a piece of Android 7.1, however later cleared up that because of an equipment issue, the element would not come to more seasoned Nexus gadgets. Subsequent to introducing 7.1.1 on a Nexus gadget we can affirm that Night Light is absent.

Concerning the Pixel gadgets, Verizon—which has been greatly improved at correspondence with its clients than Google—posted the accompanying change log:

This redesign fixes these issues:

Clients couldn’t recover their Visual Voicemail messages and were getting a mistake 9999 in a few regions.

Voice message symbol notice was not showing when another voice message was gotten.

Gadget quit playing voice message messages over Bluetooth® after the screen planned out.

Gadget at times went to blue screen amid an inbound call.

Email text style was too little.

Content was jumbled on the call screen/dialer and the content was ruined on the Recent Calls and contact list screens.


This upgrade moves forward:

You can now pick Cellular or Wi-Fi as your favored method for calling while meandering globally.

Most recent Android™ security patches.

Upgrade: In Android 7.1.1 Pixel gadgets additionally essentially observe the arrival of the “Surrounding Display” include that was available in Nexus gadgets. This is a dull rendition of the bolt screen that once in a while blurs in while the telephone is sit out of gear. On the Pixel this comes as two new “moves” in the settings: Double tap to begin Ambient Display and lift to begin Ambient Display.

Google additionally has a blog entry up now.

Redesigns ought to begin taking off to gadgets today, in spite of the fact that Google’s overhaul framework can take an entire month to reach everybody. On the off chance that you would prefer not to sit tight for your telephone to naturally introduce 7.1.1, full framework pictures are here, and OTAs are here.


More ways to communicate

Earlier this year we announced a proposal to promote gender equality by adding new emoji that reflect the pivotal roles women play in the world, and represent a wider range of professions for both women and men. We included gender counterparts for emoji that previously only had male or female representation. Now there are female welders and men getting haircuts. Our new set of emoji launched with the Pixel phones and now are available to all devices running Android 7.1.1. So you can jam like a rock star or explore the galaxy like an astronaut.



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