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HelloTalk is an app that helps you observe languages you would like to find out. It connects people that speak a language fluently with those that try to find out a similar language, and (hopefully) the other way around. for instance, if you’re a native English speaker finding out Italian, you’ll realize Italian people that square measure learning English. though the app succeeds in connecting individuals, it does not provide lessons, exercises, quizzes, or different tools for learning. If you are up for the free-wheeling setting, it’s a stimulating app. For a lot of structured free (or freemium, as i will explain) acquisition apps, however, strive Editors’ decisions Duolingo or Memrise.

How will HelloTalk Work?

When you check in to use HelloTalk, you enter the languages you presently speak, and no matter language (or languages, if you are paying) you plan to observe within the app. you’ll be able to additionally add your calculable level of fluency. HelloTalk then shows you an inventory of individuals WHO would be compatible interlocutors. English speakers should not have any issues finding an oversized potential pool of companions, as there area unit such a lot of folks learning and active English everywhere the planet.


I alluded to the present purpose earlier, however it’s price repeating: you do not truly learn a language mistreatment HelloTalk, as nothing is formally tutored. Rather, it’s AN app for active language by interacting with people.


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Pricing and Plans

As with several free language apps, HelloTalk really has a freemium model. you’ll be able to use HelloTalk fully free, though the free version is ad-supported. You get all the core options and do not miss out on something vital. If you wish to induce eliminate the ads, you wish a influential person membership, that prices $6.99 per month, or $45.99 annually. there is additionally a period of time membership for $175.00.

The influential person membership adds some nonessential perks, specifically Power Search (the ability to go looking for members by region, linguistic communication, and language of study); unlimited translation tools (more on it during a moment); and a group of virtual stickers, acknowledgment cards, and emoji. influential person members also can learn up to 3 languages, whereas free users area unit restricted to at least one.

The monthly membership fee is already comparatively low, however the annual worth may be a far better deal. professional or premium versions of alternative language-learning and study apps usually value between $5 and $10 per month. maybe, busuu prices $69.99 annually after you pay direct for a 12-month Premium membership (that makes it cherish $5.83 per month). Memrise offers a Premium account for $9.99 per month. Similarly, Duolingo currently offers android and iPhone users a and membership for $9.99 per month.

There area unit several variations between these different apps and HelloTalk, of course. Duolingo, Memrise and busuu offer you structured course content for learning a language, whereas, with HelloTalk, you are on your own to talk with different users. As mentioned, HelloTalk does not have exercises, quizzes, or synchronic linguistics lessons.

Hello Talk





  • Encourages free-form interactions. Matches language learners with fluent speakers. Good privacy settings.


  • No structured learning content. Value of the app is highly dependent on other users.

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