Android P will now provide more night light feature

According to the report of Xda-developers . To present the Night Light feature in core operating systems, Android took more time than its competitors. Some people see this feature as night mode, others (like Samsung) refer to it as a Blue Light filter. Whatever you want to call it, it can help reduce the tone of the eyes and you can increase the amount of sleep all night. At the moment, Night Light has a limited selection of customization options, but we have discovered some new stars that indicate that Android P can add more options in future updates.

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Since it is still with Android Oreo, Night Light comes with some basic but useful customization options. you can also set a custom time that you want to turn it on or off whenever you want. It can be as simple as using a sunrise and sunset as a phone, or if you want to get specific programs and programs in your time. Most people will not expect more than this particular mode, but there are some ways in which it can be improved and we can see them in the future version of Android P.

<string name="night_display_activation_off_custom">Turn off until %1$s</string>
<string name="night_display_activation_off_manual">Turn off now</string>
<string name="night_display_activation_off_twilight">Turn off until sunset</string>
<string name="night_display_activation_on_custom">Turn on until %1$s</string>
<string name="night_display_activation_on_manual">Turn on now</string>
<string name="night_display_activation_on_twilight">Turn on until sunrise</string>

We can add more features to this light night in future, which we have received from these codes. If it comes to working with Google’s intention, then there is a second option. Then we have some other customization options that match them, but this time, the device needs to turn on custom time or sunset to turn on Night Lite mode.



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