Android updates no longer matter

There was a time when waiting for the next big Android update meant that new and exciting features were coming to the most popular and widespread mobile OS in the world, but things have calmed down in the last two or three years and a lot with Google Forgotten Android updates coming.

What’s on Android Extreme?

In our opinion, it doesn’t really matter if your Android device is not running on the latest major Android version. We think Android is already at a peak and the rate of software innovation has been declining for a few years. As far as innovative software is concerned, Google is shortening the barrel. In fact, most of the “new” features coming to Android Q are inspired by iOS and other custom Android skin, while others are quite irrelevant. We’re sorry, but digital goodness doesn’t really cut it as far as my personal cheer list is concerned.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running Android Nougat, Oreo, or Pie – you’re not really completing any new features or functionality. Indeed, since the Android 5.0 Lollipop update, you can probably count on your hands the really important features created by Android, and the rest can easily be forgotten. Let us do it quickly:

  • DOS mode (Android Marshmallow);
  • ART Runtime (Android Marshmallow);
  • Vulcan API (Android Naugat);
  • Bundle notifications (Android Nougat);
  • Picture-in-Picture (Android Oreo);
  • Project Treble (Android Oreo);
  • Gesture (Android Pie).

Where is the security update

A more important point is that monthly security patches are necessary. Now, these are important for a worry-free smartphone experience. We are far from thinking that once you get the latest security patches, you are effectively disqualified for any security breach – whatever you do, you never use your phone Your 100% digital security can not be fixed, because you are never safe. Internet. Whatever security features apply, there are always some deep exploits that will accidentally give people access to the most sensitive data. It has happened in the past, and it will definitely happen again. Nevertheless, having the phone up-to-date in terms of monthly security patches can help to achieve a certain peace of mind.

Oem Skin has left Android for a long time anyway

We think another important point should be made here – in the case of custom android skins, there is long stock Android in terms of features and functionality. Samsung, Huawei, and OnePlus have all developed a lot more useful and feature-packed Android spin-offs. In fact, most of the major new features you add to stock Android, have been broadcast and completed for the first time on custom Android versions. Split-screen, gesture, dark mode, and many others were applied only to Samsung, Huawei, LG, OnePlus, Xiaomi in stock Android, and others had experimented with these features for some time. Those manufacturer updates are the ones we really need to keep in mind for our collective breath – not only do they introduce major new features, but your manufacturer’s major software updates are also very important to keep your breath away . These can greatly affect your smartphone experience – not only do they distribute complete interface overheads (such as with Samsung’s Vanuhi), but they can also make significant improvements in camera performance, battery optimization and other beneficial updates. Such updates are not constrained more often than a large Android update for such a caliber, but it does not require a set in stone.

Personally, we stopped caring about Android updates in the Android Nougat-Oreo interim a few years ago. Since the OneUI update of Samsung, the only software update that we have considered valid is our humble opinion, the best Android skin.


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