Bring the Sean Optimizer of Galaxy Note 9 to life

Designed to turn everyday moments into memorable stories, the Galaxy Note 9’s Sean Optimizer takes Samsung’s best-in-class smartphone camera to the next level. Even if you do not have any clue what the meaning of saturation or white balance is, then no one from any of the amazing pictures knows that this feature helps you to produce it. But how did Samsung bring this feature to life? Read on to find out more.

01. Problems

Ask any professional photographer and they will tell you how hard it is to achieve excellence in all the styles of photography. Whether it’s a portrait, landscape photography, or food shots, they all need different techniques and camera settings for the best results. But while shooting with a smartphone, most people do not have a timetable (or just do not know) to adjust the technical details, such as saturation, brightness and white balance.

02. Goal

When designing Galaxy Note 9, our aim is to create a camera that produces pictures, even professional photographers will be satisfied. To ensure superb images with each shot, we wanted to make this feature easier to use as a shoot with auto mode.

03. Idea

Since the photographers are always shooting what they are shooting before deciding on settings and devices, the Galaxy Note 9 camera requires our ability to automatically separate individual subject matters. It was also important for us to make all those settings that appeal to everyone.

04. Solution

To transform our vision into reality, we developed an algorithm which classifies and classifies complex scenes and objects. By crossing the image on the preview screen through multiple filters, it is unique in analyzing each individual size and tone, the algorithm can determine what the camera is watching. In addition to processing the object in focus, it also analyzes the characteristics of background scenes so that the whole image can be enhanced accordingly.

To understand how users judge photos, we conducted surveys to find the most popular colors and tone combinations for different types of images. We also strengthened the settings based on users’ feedback on the photos taken by previous Galaxy phones.

05. Result

The result is the Sean Optimizer of the Galaxy Note 9. By analyzing the timing elements of main objects, scenes, and photos, Smart Feature can classify the image in 20 different types, including food, flowers, animals, landscape and more 1. When the photo is taken, the Sean Optimizer automatically selects the appropriate color and voice settings to increase overall optimization. No matter their skill or experience, users can always trust Galaxy Note 9 to pop their photos.


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