Hyundai now provide Google home management support using blue link

Hyundai has been pretty fast to require advantage of Google options over the years. The 2015 Hyundai serious music was the primary automotive with automaton motorcar at launch, for instance. At CES 2017, the corporate has declared that users of Hyundai’s Blue Link service will currently use Google Home to issue commands to their cars.

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CES 2017 is occurring currently, and also the connected house is clearly rising joined of the massive trends of the year. Now, the connected house is compatible together with your connected automotive. Hyundai’s latest announcement implies that users of the South Korean automotive manufacturer’s Blue Link service will currently use Google Home to issue commands to their vehicles.


Blue Link?

Blue Link is that the connected automotive service Hyundai uses to manage the sensible options in its vehicles. It prices $100 p.a., and grants remote access to your automotive via the net and also the Blue Link app. Thus, the Assistant commands will not be utterly new options. Rather, they are a new thanks to communicate together with your automotive. The Blue Link app does not have the most effective name, thus perhaps you wish to merely use voice commands anyway.





 It’s unclear if Google are going to be giving Hyundai a primary spot in Home that does not need a “talk to” command, however it is not manifestation within the list of services nevertheless.


This Plan Of Hyundai works

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Source : Android Police