Android updates no longer matter

There was a time when waiting for the next big Android update meant that new and exciting features were coming to the most popular and widespread mobile OS in the world, but things have calmed down in the last two or three years and a lot with Google Forgotten Android updates coming. What’s on Android […]

Your Android smartphone can be hacked by playing videos from the Internet

Please note : If the corrupted video is received through social media platforms  (android 9) like Twitter, WhatsApp, or Messenger, then this work will not work, because the media files are usually compressed and encrypted before sending. If you have an Android smartphone?  you should be careful while downloading or viewing videos from unknown sources online. This […]

Games for Toddlers

Best Board Games for Toddlers It is a rainy day.  You’ve always hated them.  Nothing to do, all your crayons are nothing but nubs and each drawing just isn’t what you want to do.  While you wait for the rain to stop, a glossy box is set in front of you.   Running your fingers […]