Do not download these games in your Smartphone

Users get many benefits in Google’s mobile operating system Android, but in the case of security, it can not be trusted. There have been reports of several times when malware attack has been detected in Android smartphones. Now a new security research has revealed that approximately 5 million Android devices may be affected by malware attacks.

ESET’s security researcher Lukas Stefano has given the details of the 13 gaming apps that are increasing such malware attacks.

These all apps told by Stefanko have been created by a single developer and all these apps are available for download at Playstore. Apart from this, two of these apps are trending on the store, which draws the attention of users more and more. According to the researcher, the combine install base of these apps is 5,80,000.

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Those people who downloaded these games apps hoped to drive trucks and car driving games but in this they got a garden app that crashes every time they open. This is not the first time that any malware is being spread through an instrumental application. There have been many such cases before.

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