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IPL (Indian Premier League) 2019 debut on Saturday, March 23. The first match was played between Chennai SuperKingras and Bengaluru. Like the last time, this time also there is an app in the IPL which is drawing attention of everyone. This app had also taken sponsorship of the IPL last year.

Dhoni is the brand ambassador

This app called Dream11 is becoming quite popular among people these days. Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is also the brand ambassador of this company. Dhoni will see you promoting this company on TV channel.

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What is dream11

Dream11 is a fancy sport platform where you can legally win Real Cash. If you want to transfer this winning cash to your bank account, you will need a PAN card for it.

How can play …

First of all you need to download the Dream11 app. After downloading the app in free on both Android and iOS apps, you will see the sign in option. Here you will reach the next level with your complete datas.

Good referral code

If you want to play this app without putting any money at the beginning, it would be best if you use the referral code. On the Suxos Full Referral Code, you will get a cash bonus of 100 rupees in your account, which you can use while playing games.

Create Dream Team 11

After logging into the app you will see a match center in it, after which you can click on that game and choose your dream 11. Apart from Kikrett, the other games can also join the concert on this platform.

Team to create 100 credits

You will get 100 credits in order to make your dream 11. There are sections of wicketkeepers, batsmen, bowlers and all-rounds where you can choose your dream team 11. It may be that some of the two teams you are choosing from your Dream 11 are not part of the match in the Original Player.

If your chosen player does not play

If you have selected your team and in the original match, if any of them does not play in a real-time match, then the player will get zero points.

Choose Captain and Vice Captain carefully

In Dream 11, you also have to choose Captain and Vice Captain. You will get your double point (2x) on Captain and vice captain (1.5x) one and a half times If any of your bowlers gain 1 wicket then you will get 10 points and add a point to the batsmen 2 runs

Is different

After selecting the team, you can choose any of your favorites. Here you can play games ranging from 7 rupees to 5,000 rupees. If you want to start a practice match in the beginning, then you can do that too. You do not have to make any payment for this. You can also create a contact on the platform itself.

Keep watch on live match

Once you have selected a team, you can also manipulate your team. But 15 minutes before the match starts this lock will be completely locked. After this you will not be able to make any alterations. In the end, how your chosen players perform in a live match will decide your victory and defeat.

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