Facebook is planning to launch the ‘LOL’ app

Facebook is the oldest and most used platform. Facebook also brings some or all features to users of all ages. So that the eagerness of the users continued to grow. Facebook is testing the new app ‘Lol’ for kids. So that users will be able to share funny matter content with each other.

Its users will be able to share funnel content. Confirming this, a spokesperson of Facebook from TechCrunch said that the company is testing ‘Lol’ for the children.

Spokesperson said in a statement, “We are testing at a small level and its concept is in the early stages.”

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In the category ‘For You’, ‘Animals’, ‘Fels’ and ‘Pranks’, the split app will have GIFs like funny videos and clips. According to the report, “Currently there is a personal school with 100 students of Lol High School. The privacy contracted by the students has been done. “

Facebook’s photo sharing app ‘Instagram’ is very popular among youth. The company had launched a short-form video app ‘Lasso’ last year, but it could not be more popular. According to the report, Facebook has not decided whether it will be a stand-alone app or available in the main Facebook app.

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