Facebook removed sexual pictures of children

Facebook has removed millions of sexual photos of children in the last three months. The company has given information on Wednesday. Facebook says that it has removed sexual photos of 87 million children linked to Child Nudity. All these photos have been removed with the help of software.

Facebook has removed the sexual photos of children with the help of an unknown software. This software automatically plagates such a photo. Facebook has rolled out this machine learning tool last year. Let us know that Facebook bans photos that have minor sexuality content.

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Facebook launches messenger in new look with some interesting features

Facebook is now going to apply this machine learning technology to the Instagram app. Let’s say that last year Facebook’s machine learning technology was also criticized. News agencies and advertisers said that due to machine learning, their photos were being blocked incorrectly. Although earlier, Facebook did not make data public about child nudity. However, it was believed that Facebook had earlier been removed 2.1 million sexual activity and Adld Nudiliti.

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