Facebook removes dozens of accounts linked to Iran

Facebook has removed 82 pages, groups and accounts saying ‘fake behavior’, and said it was made from Iran and was targeting the people of the United States and Britain. Facebook’s cyber security chief, Nathaniel Gletcher said in a statement, “We have not been able to associate it with Iran, so we can not say who is responsible for these accounts.”
Facebook said that people who created these pages and accounts, they have called themselves American citizens and some have been described as British citizens.

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Facebook removed sexual pictures of children

These people are tweeting only on political topics on Facebook and Instagram, in which there are ties related to apartheid, US presidential opposition and immigration.

Facebook said that its Threat Intelligence team first detected their activities a week ago and started internal investigation.Glater said, “Despite trying to hide their real identity by them, we found out that these accounts are Iran Linked with that.”

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