How to find your lost android device.

Google has launched variety of options to track your lost android device

In 2013, Google declared the Device Manager feature, that tracks a device’s location. It also released a similar app with a brand new name, find My Device.

Every android device with the KitKat OS is provided with a default tracking feature. However, it’s suggested to additionally started a tool tracker, along side the high-accuracy mode of GPS turned on.

To set the tracking, visit Settings, select Google menu, and visit Security. Then select “Activate find My Device”.

Below, KompasTekno and GadgetNow have compiled a number of ways notice My Device will help if you lose an android device. Note that a number of these ways need a lively android device that’s connected to the web and has GPS turned on.

Find Last location of device

If your android phone is lost and internet is not connected, Then find my device will show the last location of your device through google map history.

To do this, Open google on your android device and type find my device in search box. Then you will asked to login your gmail account of your device. You can also access Google maps through find my device app. By using maps timeline.


Track device by using of last connected wifi access point

With the help of this app you can check the last connected wifi access point to determine general location of your device.

Battery percentage

If your android phone is misplaced, This app also can show the percentage of battery. Then user can calculate the time needed to reach the device.

Lock, ring and erase data remotely

If you forget your device in another room then you can use the sound play feature. The ringtone will ring for five minutes. This function will also work when your device is in silent mode.

If your device is lost, you can lock the screen of device with the help of this app.  You will be asked to enter the password as well as type special messages that will be displayed on the locked screen

You can also erase your data with the help of this app remotely by using erase option.

Using android watches

This app can track your android phone with your smart watch. But the condition is your location feature is active on both devices.

Saying find my device to google assistant

The first choice is by saying, “Hey Google, find my device” to Google Assistant. The second is selecting the “Find My Phone” option in the menu on Wear OS. once the device is detected, the android smartphone can ring at most volume although it’s on silent mode.

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