Free up space on android 6.0/5.1

Today we will tell you some simple steps that will increase the memory of your phone and your phone will play fast

  • First step is uninstall unused application from your phone. Because the application you do not need is better then remove from it. Uninstalling and disabling them will free up some apace and increase your phone performance. To do so open setting>Applications>Application Manager abd uninstall and disable the that you don’t want to use
  • Clearing up your Cache also cleans lots of memory of your phone. Clearing the cache removes an applications temporary files and thus can free up some space. To do so go to settings scroll down and click battery and storage and click storage and tap on cached data then delete the cached data from your device. You can also clean up an cache by downloading Clean Master app
  • Upload your photos and files to online storage like one drive ,Google drive. Photos takeup  a lot of space on your Smartphone. You can save it in online storage Google Plus Photos instead of storing it in the phone’s memory. Which will automatically backup all your photos in the cloud. To do so go to settings and click backup and rest. Then click on backup my data and click on auto back up. Then tap backup now after selected options.
  • Next is delete unnecessary files and folders. Most of the users leave their downloaded files on their smartphone after use. These files consumes a lot of space and your smartphone becomes unavailable for your next downloades. Deleting unnecessary data regularly keeps your device space free.
  • Moving your apps and media files like audio, video to your device sd card. Moving your apps and media files to your sd card storage could not only increase your mobile internal storage but it also would increase your device performance. To move apps to your sd card go to settings tap application manager and transfer your system apps to sd card storage then swipe right and you can see sd card you will find all the supported apps in sd card. Please keep in mind that not all the apps can be moved to external storage. Some apps request to be stored on the phone internal storage and they can’t be moved from there.

So friends, these were 5 simple steps that enhance your phone’s storage and its performance.

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