Galaxy Watch Developers Discuss Putting the ‘Smart’ in Smartwatch

Is a smart device really hard to use smart? It is a question that many consumers have found themselves to ask that the advanced features of their smart device (proven) prove to be frustrating for management.

Samsung Electronics has designed the Galaxy Watch with a focus on delivering smooth and smooth levels, which makes a smart device truly and clearly smart. Recently, the Samsung Newsroom talked with the new Smartwatch development team-product planner Ming-Hawaan Lee and members of hardware developer Xu-Ho Lee – who discussed how they designed some convenient and comfortable features of Galaxy Watch is.

Ming-Hawaan Lee started by underscores the goal of the design of the Galaxy Watch team, “a product that can actually be used without any difficulty.” He pointed to the ability of the device to identify and log some practice automatically – such as an example of the ease of runs, vocals and cycling session usage 1

The Galaxy Watch uses its heart rate sensor and accelerometer to measure the sleep pattern 2 of the users when they wear the device on the bed, and classify the quality of sleep in four categories.

Smartwatch incorporates insights, which analyzes the sleep of users in those briefings that it sends automatically every morning and night. The morning’s briefing demonstrates the quality of sleep, as well as useful contextual information such as weather forecasts and user schedules. Evening briefings reminds users about any pending events on their schedule, including a summary of the level of activity for that day, and also displays the forecast for the next day.

Ming-Hauen told how to help make the briefing function as convenient as possible, the team designed to inform users at optimum times. This means that, after analyzing the user’s sleep and waking pattern, the Galaxy Watch usually releases morning and evening briefings before going to bed, and usually after they wake up.

The app shortcut widget is another particularly useful example of the ‘smart’ automation of Galaxy Watch. This clever feature automatically analyzes the user’s location and time of day and presents them with a shortcut of frequently accessed apps that they may need.

To clarify its facility, Ming-Hawaan described how widgets make it easier for users to organize their journey. “It’s time to go to work,” he explained, “The Galaxy Watch app will keep a public transport app in the shortcuts widget, if it is the app that the user visits the office, the user uses the most.”

The strong set of Galaxy Watch’s intuitive features is complemented by a similar strong design. Since hardware developer Ju-Ho Lee has described, Samsung is designed to make the device unusually durable, and it is subject to extensive real-world tests to ensure that it will provide users as much usefulness as possible.

Joo-ho emphasized that durability is a critical focus when designing smartwatch, because they are meant to be worn all day and therefore should be able to stand up to the elements. “As part of the development process, we tested users’ allergies, external shocks, extreme temperatures and many other elements.” “We are also proud that Galaxy Watch has been certified by US Department of Defense for the use of the Military Department (MIL STD 810G).”

Of course, as Ju-Ho mentioned, it is necessary to take it from the laboratory and in the real environment for proper evaluation of the stability of the device. “For example,” he explained, “to test the practice-tracking function of Galaxy Watch, we actually ran in the park during the hottest summer record in Korea.”

The Galaxy Watch is more than just a skilled and durable smartwatch. As its name indicates, it allows users to enjoy experience in the ecosystem effortlessly across devices that share the ‘Galaxy’ name. Smartwatch is capable of managing users’ new IOT devices, but provides access to Samsung Health, Samsung Pay (NFC Only) 3, Samsung Flow, Samsung Knox, Bixby and more, just picking up your wrist.

Rat Mike-Hewan noted that the development team continues to recognize the innovative settings of Galaxy Watch users to take the experience to the next level.

They said, “We are continuing all our efforts to redefine the user experience for wearable equipment.” “We are continuously collaborating with partners to improve the device and identify the work of making it more useful for users, and we are planning to develop different types of feature-oriented in the future.”

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