Google added new feature in gmail app : Snooze

Google launched the new feature in Gmail app. It’s showing in browsers everywhere the globe as we speak, however another Gmail implementation is getting some new goodies, too. The Gmail app on android can get snooze feature as a part of this revamp, and it seems the feature is rolling out to phones.


Snooze for Gmail works a bit like it does with Inbox. simply tap snooze (in the overflow menu) once viewing an email, and you can choose a time for the e-mail to ping your inbox once more. it is a way to inform yourself to deal with the e-mail in question. Gmail has a similar UI as Inbox with advised snooze durations in addition because the choice to set a custom snooze.


If you’ve got snooze out there on mobile, it won’t have its own icon within the top bar the approach it did in Inbox. Instead, you’ll access snooze by tapping the overflow icon within the top right corner once viewing an email. Once snooze is chosen, you’ll select once you’d just like the email to pop up at the top of your inbox, with choices like “later nowadays,” “tomorrow,” and “this weekend.” you’ll additionally select a custom time and date if you would like. once using the new Gmail on internet, snooze currently seems in a hover menu over every message along with alternative actions like archive, delete, and mark as read.

According to androidpolice snooze will appear in both old and new version of gmail.



Source: androidpolice

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