Google launches hearing assistance app for older android devices

Google’s app for hearing difficulties is now accessible to many more people. The tech firm’s sound amplifier app now supports Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later running devices, not just 9.0 pi as it did months ago. You will not need a sophisticated set of headphones – a relatively sophisticated device to understand conversations or sounds from a TV. There is also a new look with the Visualization feature.

We have asked Google what has changed to allow the sound amplifier in the old phone and it will tell you whether it can be detailed. The initial version required the dynamic processing effect of Android pie.

The base remains the same. While filtering the noise, including different levels for each ear, the app can optimize frequencies to promote important voices. This is not a complete option for hearing aid, but it can help you overcome the street corners with noisy or make sure you listen to a quiet radio. And importantly, it’s easily accessible – it’s using the technology you already have, and you do not need to dive into your phone’s settings.

Google said that it is still using dynamic processing effects on devices that are not running, but now it’s the local version of the DPE as well as the Android Oboe Library. Includes.

Source: GoogleGoogle Play

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