Google Podcasts is now Available on Android

Whether we are hearing history lessons on travel, news stories in the gym, or catching mysteries while preparing for dinner, podcasts have become an essential part of life. However, it may still be difficult to start and find new shows that you would like-and the work still remains to make the podcast accessible and searchable for everyone.

Today, we’re releasing  Google Podcasts App for Android, which is available globally in the Play Store. Packed with integrated and personalized recommendations with Google Assistant in their devices, Google Podcast is designed to make Android users easier to find and listen to podcasts than ever before. We are announcing partnership with industry experts to improve diversification in podcast creation and can help improve AII Podcasting better.

With Google Podcast, you can listen to and subscribe to any podcast, including The Daily, Cyrus Sage, Modern Love, Legend Nation, Bill Bill Simmons Podcast, and literally millions more popular programs. Beyond the podcast you already know, Google Podcast uses AI to provide recommendations based on your listening habits – such as your interest in a game or a true crime, or a podcast from a particular network.

Google Podcast is effortlessly synchronizing with many types of Google products, including Google Helper. So if you are listening to podcasts on your phone during your travel home, then you can resume it on your Google Home once you arrive. Over time, we will integrate Google Podcast into more places that use Google.

With Google Podcast, we’re focused on helping the podcast creator reach a wider audience. To be included in the Google Podcast app, the manufacturer should follow our updated developer guidelines, which you can already get acquainted with for other Google apps. In today’s update, some new sections have been covered:

Prompt Google to index new podcasts as soon as possible

Generate a direct link for your podcast

Download Google Podcast Brand Assets to Share on Your Website

Track analytics coming from Google Podcast

Promoting Inclusive Story Stories in Podcasting
Podcasting is uncomfortable in the form of a medium of storytelling, but its future depends on a rich array of stories, voices, and creators. While there are more podcasts than ever before, there is an imbalance that is making them. Given the top charts, only one fourth of the most popular podcast is hosted by women, and even less by people of color.

This is the reason why we are partnering with the podcast industry on the program to increase the variety of voices and to overcome barriers to podcasting. This program will be guided by an advisory board from all over the world, in which ideas and processes of scale can be cultivated in the entire industry, along with the primary goal of developing skills and developing experiments with low-voice voices. We will give more information in this summer, and if you are interested we encourage you to fill out the online form.

We could not have been more excited to help people around the world find podcasts, and this is just the beginning. Looking forward, Google podcast will be the launchpad to create a better podcast hearing experience using AI.

For example, as the speech-to-text technology continues to improve, we will be able to provide new features like automatic subtitles, which are especially helpful if you are hearing bad or without headphones, the noisy area Are in Powered by Google Translate, subtitles can be made available in a variety of languages, and access to podcasts can be improved.

We’re excited about where we’re going with Google Podcast. To try out a new experience today, visit the Play Store.

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