Google is secretly uses location data of Android users

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will investigate the report that Google has tested large quantities of data from Android phones, including detailed location information, after the software company Oracle revealed that Google could harvest gigabytes of data from the device every month is.
Data transfer for 10 million Android users not only increases new privacy concerns in Australia, but they are also paying their telecom providers to send data. If it is around a month’s oval gigabytes of estimation, then its probability is millions of rupees.
Australian has revealed that Oracle gave a presentation to the ACCC, which is examining digital platforms. The inquiries came from the concerns of Australian media companies that Google and Facebook ads are affecting the market.

According to ACC’s Oracle presentation, Android device sends detailed information on searches and what is being viewed. But they can send accurate location even if location services are turned off, and they do not have SIM cards or apps installed.
Google has mapped IP addresses, WiFi connection points and mobile towers, which allows to know where the phone is connecting or trying to connect without the phone’s location service.

According to the Australian Privacy Foundation, chairman of David Vaile, the company initially did this as part of the Street View, but now it has kept up-to-date that Android device users are regularly sending back the large amount of data From
Android phones also include barometric devices, which can use air pressure to calculate where a person is located in a multi-layered building.
Google argues that the data is tracked with the permission of the phone users but there is a question if there is a valid consent.

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