Huawei Mate 20X ,Great for gaming

Huawei launched four smartphones in London. The fourth device of this device is Mate 20X. This smartphone is a big-screen premium device that has been introduced with gaming capability. After the launch of Mate 20X, I spent some time with this device i.e. running it. I’m telling you the first impression on this device.

Big in design and display

If Mate 20X phone is called Big, it is understandable. Overall look of this smartphone is similar to Look and Feel Mate 20. But, the screen size of this phone is quite large. Mate 20 X has a 7.2-inch Big AMOLED display, which supports HDR10. Tops have been given at the top. The larger screen sizes of this phone mean- More information, the things we scroll on the screen, their less

This device is IP53-certified, which makes it a water and dust resistant. That means dust and water will not have any effect on this phone. You can say that you can play games in this phone even in light rain. But, its rating is not close to the Level Mate 20 Pro and the second Android Pluggish Smartphone.

Great and brilliant in power

The Mate 20 X has got the latest Kirin 980 SoC processor. This phone is pared with 6 GB RAM. The time I spent with this device, there was no problem even when opening multiple apps on the background. Speaking of software, this device runs on EMUI 9 based Android Pie.

This device has a large battery of 5,000mAh. Huvaway says that it gives gaming time more than three hours to the competitors. This device can give 23 hours of video playback, which is 9 hours more than the Apple iPhone XS Max.

Fantastic in performance

This device can be hot due to playing games for a long time and watching the video. It can affect its overall performance, but Huawei says that its cooling system will not let the device stay warm even after playing the game for a long time and watching the video. That is, the cooling system given inside the hood of this phone will not let it warm.

Mate 20X also has a triple-camera setup similar to that of Mate 20 Pro. Its camera lenses and LED flash are arranged in the square-ish pattern.

Gaming experience

The Mate 20X phone gives the best gaming experience. This gaming experience can be enhanced through a clip-on controller. Joysticks and D-pads are given in this phone’s accessories, which provide a great level of accuracy to your gameplay. That means that you can play gum better and better.

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