In Real me C1 app cloning feature is not available, But with this third party app you can add this

Within just seven months of smartphone making, Real me has launched a total of five devices. All the smartphones have been successful in India. Of these, Real me C1 is the entry-level smartphone of the company. It includes dual rear camera, noch display, large battery. There is no other smartphone with these features in this segment. That’s why Real me C1 is one of the best smartphones in its segment. However, the smartphone does not include a main hardware fingerprint sensor.

Real me C1 is a dual SIM smartphone and let you know that most of the smartphone coming with dual SIM fingerprint is also given a dual app or clone app feature. This feature helps the user to clone the app, so that the user can run two accounts simultaneously in one service. Suppose you have two SIMs and you have maintained a WhatsApp account from both the numbers. So in this way, you can clutter WhatsApp and run both of your accounts within the same smartphone. You can also clone Facebook or whats app along with Whatsapp. However this feature is not provided in Real me C1.

The company has also stated the reason behind this in the Realme Community Forum, in which the company has said that the reason behind not giving the ‘Clone Apps’ feature is to include a low RAM in the smartphone. The ‘Clone Apps’ app needs RAM to run in the background, as well as the cloned app also uses RAM. But if you still want to run two accounts of WhatsApp, Facebook or whats app together in your Real me C1, then you can use a trick for you.

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There are many apps in the Google Play Store that can help you clone the app. Among them are Parallel Space, Dual Space and 2 Accounts some popular apps. You need to install one of these apps on your smartphone. Once the app is open, it will ask for some recommendations from you. After ‘Allow’ all permissions, you can create two accounts of WhatsApp or Facebook or whatsapp. Let us know that this app keeps showing an ad from time to time, so it can happen that this thing bothers you.

In addition, whenever you want to run the cloned app, at that time you will have to first open the installed app and then run the cloned app. We run it in Real me C1 to test it and we have been successful in cloning apps without problems. However, you can tell that as Real me has said, this makes the phone a little slow.

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