A major update for Android : Jetpack launched by google

Android Jetpack

Google announced JetPac today, how developers write applications for Android is a big update. JetPac prints the next generation of Android support libraries, which uses almost every Android app in the Play Store because it offers lots of functionality from the mobile app. This is the next step in the work that the company is doing with architectural components, which was launched last year’s IOO.

JetPack adds Android support libraries and components, and with the management of things like background work, navigation, paging, and life-cycling management, emoji wrapped them in new components (including something new) for you u management. And layout control for some other features such as Android Compact and Test, along with various platforms like Android Ware, Auto and TV

It is important to note that developers can choose whether they are using JetPack or not. Before today’s announcement, Google’s Product Management Director for Android, Stephanie Saad Kutbertson, told me that keep all updates to the company’s support libraries and JetPack.

Kuthbertson also gave that general idea here to remove some new repetitive works that comes with writing new things and developers help in doing more time while writing less code. New components to live with JetPack today include workmanser, paging, navigation and support for slices, a new launch feature to highlight in Google Search and Google Helper. Workmanager handles background jobs, while navigation component developers help in the structure of in-app UI. The paging component is to break the data that pulls developers from the server – guessed – page, they can display those results faster.

All these new components, which are stable, are in alpha on officially, except for the paging component.

It is worth noting that JetPack was designed very much with the coatlin programming language. It was only last year that Google expanded Cotlin in the first language of the android ecosystem; 28 of the top 100 are already in the Google Play store. Kuthbertson also noted that 95 percent of developers using Cotlin have said they are happy to use for Android development.

With the launch of JetPack, Google Android ktx is launching a set of coatellin extensions for Android, as well as JetPack support in the latest Canary release of Android Studio 3.2.

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