New Sub-Brand Poco By Xiaomi

Xiaomi has unveiled  new sub-brand POCO with the mission to deliver performance that matters. Prior to the unveil, they  had a chat with Alvin Tse and Jai Mani, key members of the POCO team and spokespeople for the brand. They shared an inside look into their journey on POCO. Let’s dive deeper:

As a small outfit within Xiaomi, POCO has the freedom to start from scratch, zeroing in on the product choices that matter. For the first product, they got back to basics and focus entirely on speed. Not just peak performance speed, but actual, real world speed.

POCO stands for “a little”—they believe in starting small but dreaming big. POCO sets out to deliver technologies that truly matter. This is why POCO has built a smartphone that delivers unbelievable performance, which they believe will resonate with tech enthusiasts and develop a strong following amongst them.

POCO F1 has a different positioning from Xiaomi’s Mi devices. While Xiaomi’s Mi series consists of  all-rounded flagship smartphones that set industry standards, POCO zeroes in on perfecting one aspect that truly matters, providing a user experience that is set to get tech enthusiasts super excited,  while maintaining an extreme bang for the buck proposition.

At the same time, they  are entirely open about being part of Xiaomi. You can even see on the device that it’s POCO by Xiaomi.

It means that they are sharing Xiaomi’s supply chain and service infrastructure with us while they oversee the sales, marketing and product development.

With some of those sub-brands from other smartphone vendors, a slightly ttheyaked product can be given a name change and appear in both the parent and sub-brands’ lineups. With POCO F1, this phone is completely different and not available in the Xiaomi lineup.

But they do get resources and support from Xiaomi. they share their supply chain and service infrastructure which includes logistics, after-sales, customer support and quality testing.

POCO understands the core elements of a great smartphone experience and focuses on providing exactly that. They think this is what users want, instead of abundant features that aren’t crucial  and in fact add to costs. So POCO delivers a fluid, speedy and flagship experience at an irresistible price tag. Their devices offer the ultimate performance with no frills.

POCO F1 speaks for itself as soon as you look at its specs. You can draw a parallel to a Superbike — it’s all about sustained raw performance. They theyren’t satisfied with just Snapdragon 845 as they want the phone to run very fast all day long so they added LiquidCool technology to achieve that. Face Unlock is all good but they also wanted it to unlock securely under low light conditions so they added IR. Our rear dual camera setup with 1.4um on primary camera comes with Dual pixel autofocus that further gives superfast autofocusing in any condition. And they insisted on giving this potheyrful engine a 4000mAh such that it could last a full day despite running at such high speed. You can see that they have pretty much not held back on anything that could add to its performance. And in addition, the price to spec ratio is jaw dropping!

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