Newest version of Android is arrived “P”

Android P

Android P is accessible in Developer Preview, a version reserved for developers and school aficionados, however will anyone extremely care concerning Android’s newest operative system?

Google created the primary version obtainable on Developer Preview last weekday. we have a tendency to had the chance to undertake it out and see what’s new, however we’ve got to admit that it won’t amendment the lives of users. Developers, however, are very happy with the update, particularly with its support for the notch, which can offer app creators the possibility to optimize their apps for smartphones that have a notch.

Among the changes that may be noticeable for users, we’ve got to say the looks of colours within the menus. this is often after all subjective, however it’s nice to be slightly less demanding with the look. OH and another change: in notifications you’ll see footage and stickers, or complete conversations with contact names. Okay, this doesn’t entirely amendment the planet, however it’s a amendment. You’ll even be ready to relish HDR content on streaming applications, that is good however not essentially a priority for users UN agency don’t watch videos on their phones. the opposite new options embrace enhancements to numerous options and security.

In general, new versions perpetually increase the security of a tool to a bigger or lesser extent. the final word goal is to supply a a lot of stable system that’s subject to fewer risks, particularly to avoid payment issues and hackers. New versions of operational systems square measure sensible and even necessary, however they aren’t all that attention-grabbing to users.

This can be explained by many factors. On the one hand, automaton is unsatisfying as a result of it lacks innovation. The projected novelties appear a lot of aligned with the market than the need to supply real worth to users. this is often most apparent on associate degree aesthetic level: adding colours is good, however is much from a significant amendment. however in defense of Google, Apple doesn’t extremely initiate either.

There was a time once Google was for software package developers: it wont to provide what it thought was the simplest software package on its Nexus, so makers were absolve to draw inspiration from it or not. Google then became a full-fledged manufacturer and started to supply some options solely on Pixels, and as a manufacturer the corporate refused to share the software package of its camera app likewise as for its launcher. In alternative words, Google modified its strategy: it wont to show what they did best on golem stock software package, and currently they show what they are doing best on Pixels. Its strategy is sensible, however it’s a shame for several golem users.

To conclude, we’ve got to speak regarding the temporary state we have a tendency to feel as presently as recognize we’re expecting new versions. several users square measure still on candy or maybe Lollipop. This drawback may be corrected within the long with Treble and automaton One / Go, however within the meanwhile, there’s still work to try to to. i am not speech that a brand new version shouldn’t be free, however it’s not stunningthat there’s therefore very little enthusiasm.

There square measure many versions of automaton and therefore the figures illustrate the unhappy truth: a majority of users square measure mistreatment older versions. This past Feb, half-dozen months when its launch, only 1.1% of users were mistreatment automaton cooky. candy is currently doing higher with twenty eight.5% of users. 28.1% of users square measure mistreatment candy, and every one previous versions account for forty two.3%. In short, this suggests that every one versions free in 2015 or earlier account for quite seventy.4% of the market. If we have a tendency to add the twenty eight.5% from candy, it suggests that ninety eight.9% of users still don’t have automaton O, and so can’t switch to automaton P unless they purchase a brand new phone.


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