Not only price and features, these things also check when buying mobile

If you have to buy a mobile, then not only look at the price but also look at the features. Actually, before buying a mobile, it is important to pay attention to many things. We are telling you about what you should keep in mind while buying a mobile here. Let’s know what are the tips that everyone should test while buying a new mobile.

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If you use Chinese apps, then be careful, users data are in danger.

Often, whenever we buy mobile, we only see prices, batteries and cameras. Apart from this, we will hardly look at other features. But before buying a new mobile, the operating system, screen size and processor as well as RAM and storage should be kept in mind.

IOS Bike or Android, Do not Confuse

Often the customers do not understand whether they should take an Android smartphone or iOS. It has to be noted here that you will not be able to get as many choice as you can get in the ios. Android is Google’s operating system whereas iOS is from iPhone. Android phones give more choice to users, while iOS is easy to use. Now look at your choice, you need more choice, or smartphones that are easy to run. However, before these things decide your budget.

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Google removes 22 apps from the Play Store

Well our opinion is that you buy Android smartphones because they are more comfortable with your hardware and in terms of price.


What should the screen size be?

However, there is no fixed standard regarding screen size. this is up to you. But the smartphone with big screen makes it difficult to handle one hand. In this case, you can take a smartphone with a screen of around 5.5 inches. If you are fond of filming then the big screen smartphone is better for you. If your phone does not have a 4K screen then it is best.

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YouTube is offering these new features

Display, battery, camera and processor

You can choose phones with AMOLED display. However, almost all the smartphones nowadays have an HDR display which is very good. You buy dual lenses and smartphones with optical image camera. In addition, you buy mobile with snapdragon 853 to 845 processors. Look at the battery to see that the phone battery must be at least 3300 mAh.

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