Now you can use your favorite password with Android Oreo

The security experts recommend strong, unique passwords for each service you use. However, for most of us, managing certificates in many websites and apps can be difficult, especially if you are trying to keep track of everything in your head.

In Android 8.0 Oreo, we made it easy to use AutoFill with Password Manager, such as LastPass, Dashlane, Keeper, or 1Password. Especially on small devices like your phone, remembering autofill things can make your life easier (with your permission), so that you do not have to type your name, address or credit card over and over again.

With new Autofill services in Oreo, Password Manager can only access the information needed to auto-fill the app to make data more secure. A special list of password managers (which you can find in Android settings) meets our security and functional requirements, and we will continue to increase this list over time. If you already use Password Manager, you can try out the new experience today.

How to use?

It’s easy to set up AutoFill on your device. Just go to Settings, search for “AutoFill” and tap “AutoFill service”. If you already have a password manager installed, it will appear in this list. You can also tap “add service” to download the password manager of your choice from the Play Store.

Once you set up Password Manager as your AutoFill service, whenever you fill out the form, the information stored in that app will appear in AutoFill (for example, your saved username and password when you log in An app for the first time will be seen as a suggestion.

We include Google as an AutoFill service on all Android 8.0 and above devices, which allows you to use saved data in Chrome to fill in passwords, credit cards, addresses and other personal information.

Whether you use Google or any other password manager from the Play Store, the new AutoFill experience on OREO makes it easy to safely store and remember the type of information commonly typed, such as passwords and credit card numbers

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