Now incognito mode you will also see in the you Tube app

Incognito mode in you tube

You Tube is working to bring Incognito mode for Android App. This will not be the first to accept that sometimes you just want to keep your browsing history under lock and key. Actually, Google Chrome, Chromecast, Swiftky, and Gö Keyboard Keyboard are already armed with the protection of a secret mode, so it’s not surprising that YouTube may soon have its own stealth feature.

Net surfing is fast becoming a consistent user relationship; Each click is monitored and every video browsed is carefully logged in YouTube’s clock history, so its algorithms can feed you recommendations. You can definitely dive within YouTube’s settings menu and disable viewing (or search) history, but it is not immediately accessible, and some users can be discouraged from trying. Fortunately, the new incognito mode will appear in a more prominent position.

To access it, you will need to tap your avatar in the upper right corner of the YouTube app – it should be available as ‘Close’ just below the Switch Account / Sign out option. During espionage, your avatar turns into a detective detective icon, and no activity is recorded for you. All your subscriptions are also invisible.

If you do not yet see the mode on your Android device, do not worry. It seems that YouTube is doing its secret testing with random users before fully implementing the changes.


Source: Android Police

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